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Welcome To The World Of " LOCKS, KEYS, DOOR HARDWARE "

It is our intent to bring to the Professional Locksmith, and the Architectural Hardware Consultant, the products that dominated the North American Continent during the past century and before. I am a third generation of a family business established in 1887, and have close to 60 years experience in all phases of the industry. It is my desire to pass this information to all the people who are following me in our profession.

There are many informational and historical files that may be viewed at no charge. Technical data, security information is available only to PAID Members. Press the "MEMBERSHIP" button for full details.

We will notify those who only wish to view newly added free data. Press the "CONTACT" button and e-mail both your name and firm. Your e-mail address will be extracted from your letter.

This is only the beginning, more to come.

H&L Simon
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