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At Fuller Bros. Lock, we recognize that the process of servicing and installing commercial lock hardware can be made easier by the development of new products.
Our first product is called T-COREâ„¢, which stands for thumbturn core. It is the first high quality and economically priced small format interchangeable core product that can permanently replace a key operated core, converting it to a thumbturn operation. It was developed to alleviate the burden of replacing the inside interchangeable core cylinder on a door simply to convert it to thumbturn operation. This would often require the doors to be completely taken down, especially in the case of Herculite Glass doors often found in prestigious retail storefronts. We have since found that it can help in a number of other situations where the only alternative was to leave the operating key in the lock as a convenience.

The industry does not always take new directions as it relates to door hardware because of the high cost to develop and market new products. Fuller Bros. Lock is also faced with these challenges and has had to change marketing strategy to allow for continuing field service while furnishing product to our customers. We hope to earn the loyalty of our customers by supplying only quality hardware that is unique and will last. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Who we are...

Fuller Bros. Lock established, through 20+ years of commercial locksmith service, that the best way to urge an industry to change was to get involved. The Fuller family consists of a mechanically inclined group of brothers who enjoy sharing ideas of how to improve various devices of all types.

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