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The safety and well being of your family, possetions and business depend on reliable security & access control systems. Dix Safe & Lock Co. can meet any security challenge your situation might present, whether you need a Safe or other security enhancement to help secure your Home or Office, or if you need Access Control with fully databased audit trails to track traffic. Dix Safe & Lock Co. can help you find the solution that's right for you, and do so with the competency and integrity you would expect from a firm that has served San Angelo and Texas for four generations.

We are a Full Service Security & Lock Company:
+ Installations of all products on this website
+ Safe Opening, Combination changes & Service
+ Expert analysis of security needs for Home & Office

We carry Onsite:
+ Locks for Residential & Commercial needs
+ Keys, Key Fobs & Key Chains
+ Safes, Fire & Burglar
+ Life Safety & Door Hardware
+ Automotive Transponder Keys
+ Master Key Systems
+ Electronic & Mechanical Access Control Devices

We take great pride in our work and would be delighted if you made your way to our Projects section for a few views of what it is we do best and the people that make it happen for you, our Customers.

Dix Key Shop Safe & Lock
204 N Chadbourne St
San Angelo TX 76903-5733
Tel: 325 653-1562
Fax: 325 658-2403
E-mail: Dix.Key@verizon.net
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